Plus Factory is now a Certified Partner of Flite

Plus Factory Certified Partner of Flite

Flite and Plus Factory

Big news for 2014 – Plus Factory is now a certified partner of Flite. Flite is an ad technology platform that enables brands to build, traffic, measure content-rich ads for web and mobile. The secret of Flite is their leading-edge cloud infrastructure and dashboard allowing for improvement in the following: Build, traffic and measurement.

Flite and Plus Factory

With Flite you can build rich ads that integrate all the latest social media and cool widgets that consumers love to engage with. All can be done within their platform – for both web and mobile clients. Then with their trafficking controls, ads can roll out faster and easier for brands. Lastly Flite brings optimized and real time analytics and generates detailed campaign-level reporting.

At Plus Factory, we can help with understanding what Flite can do for your business and then help with the creative, build and launching of your campaigns. We are happy to offer free presentations on Flite or come in to discuss your future Flite campaigns. Reach us at for more info.